3-in-1 Combiframes


Combiframe 3-in-1 frames are also available as a DIY-kit:
Combiframe offers you an alternative to out do your competitors:

The Combiframe DIY-frame or sectional frame system is an innovative way to sell frames: because we package the  Combiframes as 1/2 frame you are flexible size-wise and have no need commiting your budget to stocks of ready made frames: 11 length-sizes offers an instantly availabe 66 different sizes of frames!

And because the reversible Combiframe can be used in not 1 but 3 ways, it offers more value for money then other sectional frame systems. It allws your customers to frame the canvas in a shadowbox frame, a boxframe and to frame print-to-plate materials also.

Web-based shops will love our DIY-frames or sectional frames because they can be send large frames as a very compact package with a relatively low transport cost.

Any request of a customer for almost any size of frame can be met instantly.

No more waiting, instant sales.

Combiframes are not assembled by you, but by your customers. The patented dovetail joiners allow for an easy assembly.

The DIY or sectional Combiframes are available In black, white or unfinished wood, the latter can be easily painted in any color. If your customer prefers a more decorative frame, we recommend the decostrips!

Handy accessories are available for the mounting of the canvas in either side of the reversible frame. Without damaging it. So The customer can reverse the frame later on at will.

For the flush frame mounting of AcrylicGlas, Aluminum or MDF-canvas panels we have a double-sided, pressure-sensitive bonding tape with a high tack and a excellent final adhesion. The adhesive is reinforced with a polyester net in order to increase cohesion without loosing flexibility.
This all purpose tape will really bond wood to metals, acrylics, plastics and MDF!

It is non-toxic. acid free and heat resistant.

The Combiframe double-sided bonding tape is available in pre-packaged 5 mm wide rolls of 2.5 m for retail purposes or in 25 m rolls for the industry.