Allsize stretcher bar system

The Allsize system is our patented, problem solving solution for odd size stretcher bars, bespoke stretcher
bars or custom size stretcher bars. It is the ultimate marriage of a strainer to a stretcher bar.
AllSize is specially developed for economic recession times: minimal stock, maximum flexibility in size!
With this new system you are able to assemble any size or length stretcher bar needed instantly.

This system offers special fingerjointed stretcher profiles which can be cut to any size by using a MORSØ guillotine or a hand or motorized saw.

  • Specially designed in- and outside birch plywood connectors are used to construct a stable and fully keyable stretcher frame.
  • Do you need to staple on the sides? Problem solved by inserting the plywood strips
  • Join 2 left over pieces to a usable length or  extending the AllSize profile
  • How to cut and assemble the Flatscreen profile

How to extend an AllSize profile1

How to extend an AllSize profile2