Compete by originality: The Flatscreen canvas

We are all searching fow ways to convince the customers that they should buy from us. More then often we use discounts as the main tool. Would it not be nice to be able to do so because you have a unique product?

The Flatscreen canvas is such an unique, new and revolutionary canvas design!



The slanted sides create a dramatic, floating effect and.... if the canvas is printed in strong colors, these will be reflected on the wall. Last but not least the slanted sides make the Flatscreen canvas also perfectly suited for flatbed printing.

The Flatscreen canvas is available as AllSize stretcher bar profile in lengths of 202 cm. These can be cut by you in any size instantly.

Please review the AllSize stretcher bar system page for more info.


Please see below for assembly and stretching tips:

The correct way to position the Flatscreen profile for cutting