Pneumatic AllSize profile cutter

This compact, desk top mounted machine cuts your AllSize 18 x 45 mm and 20 x 55 mm profiles and all other frame profiles in exact 45° angles without any dust or noise. For xl-profiles we have a bigger machine available.

It is ideal to use as a framer, for print shops or photolabs.

  Unique selling points:

  • 2 positions ensure a very smooth and clean cut.
  • Exact 45° angle cut
  • No dust created during cutting
  • Safety guard
  • Rebate supports
  • Measuring scale ensuring an accurate cut
  • Blades can be re-sharpened up to 30 times or more

For customers whom already work with a Morso guillotine in the foot-operated or pneumatic version, we have special fences / supports avialable. These have been developed for us by Morso and easily fit both machines. Please contact our sales department for more information.