Maxit Adhesive System

Provides a permanent bond on almost every surface.


Great for mounting:
- wide format inkjet prints to boards (displays, posters, signage);
- presentations;
- photo albums;
- puzzles and board games;
- book covers;
- labels;
- trading cards.


Combines motorized roller coaters with a unique hot melt adhesive. Automatically warms up to the proper temperature in about 55 minutes. Press the motor switch, feed your print into the turning rollers and the print automatically receives a smooth, even adhesive coating. Runs at 4 seconds per ft. Heat will not effect inkjet or laser prints. No daily or monthly maintenance. Available in 12”, 24 ½” and 36 ½” coating widths.


MX II adhesive

The new MX II adhesive is designed to provide unsurpassed adhesion to just about any surface. You only need a very thin coating to obtain the proper bond. After coating the media, the adhesive never dries out, so you can mount at any time. MXII will stick to gatorfoam, sintra, wood, metal and most other surfaces. It is completely safe to use and is non toxic and non hazardous. Refills comes in pellets packed in dissolvable cello bags.


Product benefits:
- strongest bond possible;
- sticks permanently to just about any surface including plastic, wood and metal;
- costs only 7 cents per sq. ft.;
- applies a very thin, smooth coating (absolutely no bumps);
- motorized roller coaters apply the coating at 4 seconds per ft.;
- adhesive coating will not lose its tack, so you can mount at any time;
- non toxic and non hazardous;
- adhesive will not transfer to your fingers so it is clean to work with;
- about the system; coaters require no maintenance. Just turn off the power and you are done.

Please watch the instruction video below.